What are we doing for Lent 2021?

Click on this image to access the 'Get outside for Lent' initiative. It tells you what to look out for in nature and points you to reflect on Gods marvellous creation!

Week 1: 17/02/21

Megan: "In the past for lent I have given up coffee, taken up eating my 5 a day, and dropped social media. This year I am going to give up milk- this is a big one for me as I have milk in my tea and coffee as well as eating cereal every day and I love a hot chocolate, but the idea is to do something that will help reduce my carbon footprint. In the past during lent, I have forgotten the real point of ‘fasting’. The point being to bring you closer to God in prayer and make you more dependent upon Him. I will be tuning into prayers from church everyday and each time I don’t have milk (when I usually would) I am going to pray over  the effects of climate change on God’s creation."

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